about buildlogic

About Us

The Buildlogic team has over 20 years’ experience in training and implementing software for companies in the construction industry.  We pride ourselves in our training methodologies and our after sales support.  The following page highlights our teams roles within the business.

Kerry Parkinson

Director – Head of Sales

Sydney Office

Email Kerry at : kerry.parkinson@buildlogic.com.au

Andrew Revie

Director – Head of Development

Brisbane Office

Email Andrew at : andrew.revie@buildlogic.com.au

Kristy Birkbeck

Support and Trainer

Perth Office

Email Kristy at : kristy.birkbeck@buildlogic.com.au

Samya Bikhazi


Sydney Office

Email Samya at : accounts@buildlogic.com.au

Diana Teese

Support and Trainer

Brisbane Office

Email Diana at : diana.teese@buildlogic.com.au

Michael Stavila

Support and Trainer

Sydney Office

Email Michael at : michael.stavila@buildlogic.com.au

Ben Adams

Technical Support

Melbourne Office

Email Ben at : ben.adams@buildlogic.com.au