Accounting for Builders

Buildlogic’s software provides builders with construction industry specific accounting tools which allow for greater accuracy and efficiency in areas of finance and budget management. Our software has numerous features which simplify and improve your accounting processes.

Simple software any builder can use

For builders, accounting can often seem a daunting and unpleasant process filled with inadequate documentation, forgotten costs, and missing information. By digitising your accounting processes with Buildlogic, you circumvent many of these common problems with a simple, online system that can integrate with various other accounting programs to keep all of your financials in order and in one place.


Create estimates
Capture timesheets
Project management
Contract administration
Progress claims
Subcontractor management

Our software integrates effortlessly with MYOB and Xero accounting software.

Payments and invoices

Log onto our system and keep track of suppliers and invoices so you can stick to budget. This way you’ll avoid many common construction accounting mistakes such us overpaying, or paying before completion. This system will flag areas of your project which have gone over budget and help you identify areas for improvement as well as keep your vendors accountable.


Purchase orders

Streamline your work, purchase and variance orders and produce schedules with this system. Buildlogic will help you stay on track and will alert you when it’s time to send out instructions to subcontractors and allow percent complete reports to be created automatically. You can also allocate incoming invoices to specific jobs to have a clearer idea of job costs and variances.


Online timesheets and payroll

A simple, streamlined process where employees and contractors digitally enter in their time which is then confirmed by site supervisors and then downloaded by administration. Timesheet costs can then be coded against recorded jobs and our seamless integration with MYOB means you can provide timesheets to your employees with a click of the mouse.


Cash flow

Monitor your cash flow to keep on top of where your money is going and when it needs to go there.


Developed and supported in Australia provides you with access to professionals who understand your industry.

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