Grow your business with confidence with our job costing and estimating software for contractors.

Our job costing and estimating software for contractors allows you to keep track of your business, just like a builder would. Our software provides the same tools a builder would use to track their jobs. From providing detailed quotes, to the management of variations, Buildlogic can do all that for you. Our software allows you to minimise the time you spend in managing your jobs, and allows you to maximise your time on site.

Tailored solutions for your business.

Designed for construction, subcontractor, building and service contractors, Buildlogic has developed a tailored framework that ensures our software is implemented and fully utilised in your subcontractor business. We take the time to understanding your processes, our software integrates and automates your business processes across financials, service and projects. Tailored to suit the business needs of the Australian and New Zealand construction industry.

We come to you. Onsite training to suit you.

Buildlogic’s consulting and training is all done on-site. We meet with stakeholders to ensure a solid understanding of your building business. Our personalised training programs cover all your requirements. Our support is second to none. We work with you after implementation to ensure our software is working hard for you. Access support via email, phone or online meetings.

Track variation requests from builders

Provide quick, easy detailed quotes to builders

Issue orders to specialist contractors

Keep track of your project profit

Realtime labour cost tracking with online timesheets

No double entry with accounting software

Manage retention dates

Centralise site communication

We are Australian owned and supported.
We can relate to what you need. That means you get first hand customer service, someone you can call or email who understands your business.

Our software integrates effortlessly with MYOB and Xero accounting software.

No more wasting time on timesheets

With Buildlogic you no longer have to waste hours getting timesheets from employees and subcontractors. Our solution enables employees and contractors to enter time direct into the Buildlogic website. From here, site supervisors confirm employee entered time.

Our solution includes:

  • Direct entry from employees and contractors into Buildlogic website
  • Approval from site supervisors re time entered
  • Direct download of approved timesheets for office administrators to review
  • One-click cost allocation for all employees directly coded against a jobs
  • Easy integration with MYOB and Xero timesheets in one click

Integration with your accounting package

Buildlogic has a true seamless integration with MYOB and Xero accounting software, making business life easier than ever. No double entries, no switching between software packages, just one seamless interface between the two.

One-click integration for:

  • Customer, supplier and employee information
  • Purchase orders
  • Invoices & Payments
  • Spend money
  • Payroll
  • Timesheets and job
  • General journal entries

Want to see more of what Buildlogic can do for your business. Call 1300 284 535 to book your demo today.