Integrated Solutions for Building Companies

One of the biggest strengths of Buildlogic’s software is its capability to integrate with other accounting systems building companies may already use. The most common accounting software, MYOB functions seamlessly alongside Buildlogic’s specialised features.

Here’s the advantages of using Buildlogic

Familiar– A familiar interface means it takes less time to become proficient in using a new system. A decreased familiarising period ultimately means increased productivity.

Cost Effective– By buying a product that’s integrated, you’re saving money you might otherwise have to spend buying multiple systems with overlapping features.

Practical– Choosing an integrated software solution is pragmatic as it the compatible systems will seamlessly work together meaning less time is spent hopping between programs, and no information goes astray.

Dynamic– These types of solutions allow you to perform a wide range of interrelated tasks from the one interface.

Integrated Programs

Buildlogic software is integrated with a number of common accounting and word processing systems that the building industry often uses when managing and estimating projects.


Integration with MYOB software means you can create and update payroll, timesheets, spending, invoices, payments and purchase orders as well as customer, supplier and employee information with the confidence of knowing your information is shared between the two programs.


The seamless integration of Buildlogic estimating software and Xero allows for easy team-wide control of central services. By keeping accounting software consistent with Xero, upkeep is kept to an absolute minimum, allowing you to sync across platforms for the maximum amount of convenience possible.

MS Office

Buildlogic is fully integrated with Microsoft Word and allows you to draft contracts, create quotes, and make general journal entries which are then recorded and stored within our software. These can also be exported to email via our system.


In addition to MYOB, Xero and Microsoft Office, Buildlogic is also integrated with a number of other accounting software packages including:

  • Premier v11 (or later)
  • Accounting v17 (or later)
  • AccountingPlus v17 (or later)

We are Australian owned and supported

Getting started

First, we need to understand your business. Our experienced training professionals meet you onsite to see how your business works. We meet with all stakeholders to ensure we have a good understanding of all your processes. Once we understand how it works, we can then tailor our training programs to suit your business.

Onsite Training

Once we have a clear understanding, we can tailor our training courses to cover your specific requirements. Training is taken onsite, usually over 2 – 3 days (depending on the size of your business). We are committed to ensuring you get the best out of your software. Our training is customised to suit the needs of your users. One month after you are up and running, we come back to ensure you are operating efficiently with our software.

Want to see more of what Buildlogic can do for your business. Call 1300 284 535 to book your demo today.