builders training courses


Buildlogic’s consulting and training courses for builders is done onsite. How could we possibly optimise your profits without understanding your business first? The first morning one of our experienced training professionals will meet all the stakeholders to ensure we have a good understanding of your business and its current processes before commencing any training courses.

Once we have an understanding then we can tailor our training courses to cover your specific requirements. Initially this is a 2 or 3 day process depending on the size of the business. We then will come back about 1 month later to make sure you are operating efficiently with the software.

Plans and Options

Buildlogic can be purchased in 3 modules

Estimating only

‘Buildlogic’s Estimating Only’ module allows users to build estimates using rate and price book libraries and create quotations. It is ideal for the small builder who wants to quote more and win more.

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Estimating only with Digitised TakeOffs

Buildlogic has teamed up with Planswift to create an affordable estimating and take off package that allows users to quickly produce quotes based on scaled drawings.

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Estimating with Job Costing and MYOB Integration

With the extension of the job costing and MYOB modules, builders can take advantage of managing budgets, variations, progress claims including retention calculations, lettings to subcontractors, extensions of time and all the correspondence that goes along with these functions. Buildlogic utilises MS Word for most of its client side reporting, so the user can tailor the reports to their own look and feel. If the user has MYOB, purchase orders, subcontractor payments, progress claims or cards can all be seamlessly sent to MYOB. General journal and payroll records can also be pulled back from MYOB and coded in against a job budget so builders can get a good understanding of their costs to complete a job.

For more information on our software training courses for builders, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 284 535.