Project Management Software Australia

Simple, effective Project Management Software for Australia and New Zealand business

The Buildlogic Difference

Not all project management software is built equally and although most can help estimate, plan, organise and manage this is often in a limited, generic capacity. Buildlogic software has been developed specifically to service the construction industry by providing sophisticated, streamline solutions that a are fully integrated with a range of accounting and windows software. Our software represents the next generation of project management in Australia, providing complex, cost, communication, allocation, management and documentation features through a simple interface.


Not only does Buildlogic do the basics well, our software contains advanced features to help you keep a closer eye on expenses and get a better idea of where you are and where you’re going. With our project management software companies in Australia and New Zealand will be able to:

  • Manage: Manage subcontractors and employees, keep your project on budget and to schedule with this accurate, efficient software.
  • Estimate: You can generate detailed daily progress forecasts and compare these against your budget, expenditure and original projections.
  • Communicate: Contractors can use this software to create reports for the builder or quantity surveyor. Our integration with MYOB also means you can store contact information for customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Budget: manage payroll and time sheets, quotes, price lists, purchase orders, invoices, payments. With our system, you can have a detailed breakdown of budget and track it alongside your actual expenditure.

Our software includes

Building Estimating

Construction project management

Contract administration

Progress claims

Cost to complete

Subcontractor management



Developed and supported in Australia provides you with access to professionals who understand your industry.

No more wasting time on timesheets

With Buildlogic you no longer have to waste hours getting timesheets from employees and subcontractors. Our solution enables employees and contractors to enter time direct into the Buildlogic website. From here, site supervisors confirm employee entered time.

Our solution includes:

  • Direct entry from employees and contractors into Buildlogic website
  • Approval from site supervisors re time entered
  • Direct download of approved timesheets for office administrators to review
  • One-click cost allocation for all employees directly coded against a jobs
  • Easy integration with MYOB and Xero timesheets in one click

Integration with your accounting package

Buildlogic has a true seamless integration with MYOB and Xero accounting software, making business life easier than ever. No double entries, no switching between software packages, just one seamless interface between the two.

One-click integration for:

  • Customer, supplier and employee information
  • Purchase orders
  • Invoices & Payments
  • Spend money
  • Payroll
  • Timesheets and job
  • General journal entries

Want to see more of what Buildlogic can do for your business. Call 1300 284 535 to book your demo today.