Who We Service

Buildlogic software specialises in solving problems commonly experienced by builders. We provide an integrated construction management solution that provides one set of information generated at quote stage managed through construction phase while integrating with MYOB.


Builder on Site Picture

Our solutions enable builders to create and manage their jobs. By providing a budget, costs can be monitored including the letting of items to subcontractors, the calculation of retentions on progress claims to both clients and subcontractors, variations to both clients or subcontractors, generation of extensions of time requests through to the seamless integration with sales, purchases, contact information and payroll data in MYOB. You will be able to generate detailed daily forecasts whilst tracking your jobs progress, optimising your potential for profits and alerting you to losses earlier.


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Buildlogic’s flexibility allows Subcontractors to manage jobs using the same tools as a Builder by providing detailed documentation on variations, extension of time and progress claims to their client. Subcontractors need the ability to produce Budget versus Actual reports to ensure that they are managing their labour and material costs against Budgets and Buildlogic provides this information. Minimizing time in managing the job and the time spent in the office allows the Subcontract to maximize time on site.


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Estimators need to be able to produce quotes quickly and efficiently. Estimate templates are build that allows the Estimator to copy as much standard information as possible when creating a new quote and they can then use a digitizing tool, Planswift, to do digitised takeoffs directly from the Quantity fields in the Buildlogic Estimate. There is no need to duplicate quantity information. Other functions in Buildlogic that fasten up the production of a quote included price lists, built-up rates and the ability to produce and email selected suppliers for quotes from directly within the software. Microsoft Word Templates are then used to produce professional quotation documentation, with the ability to have multiple different outputs available.


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Buildlogic allows Developers to manage their construction using the same tools as builders. This provides the Developer with a detailed breakdown of their budget versus actual expenditure. As most Developers subcontract out most of their construction, one of the biggest concerns for Developers, is the management of multiple Subcontracts to ensure that payments are in line with the amounts Let to a Contract. Also providing the bank the information required to access funds to complete the construction becomes critical and Buildlogic provides reports suitable for gaining approval for the funds to be released.