Xero Software Integration

Xero software is a suite of cloud-based accounting software that perfectly suits small and medium businesses. Being cloud-based software allows for Xero to be accessed by businesses at any time, and at any location. With unlimited users and 24/7 support, and features like online invoicing, Xero is a revolution as compared to traditional excel and paper-based practices that made information distribution far more difficult than it needed to be.

Being able to sync Xero with third-party apps ensures inventory management has never been easier. Features like project management and time tracking can become boons for your business in combination with the power of Buildlogic. The ability to use Xero’s mobile app on iPhones and iPads as well as Android phones and tablets ensures that you’ll be able to stay on top of any accounting services you require on the go.

What Xero means for construction

The seamless integration of Buildlogic estimating software and Xero allows for easy team-wide control of central services. By keeping accounting software consistent with Xero, upkeep is kept to an absolute minimum, allowing you to sync across platforms for the maximum amount of convenience possible.

Being a highly comprehensive platform, Xero is capable of syncing invoices, customers, suppliers and the payments of both customers and suppliers in one place. For new customers added in Xero, it is also possible for these new additions to be added to your Buildlogic software. Time saved in instances such as this allows for the reallocation of valuable resources to more pressing needs, creating a far more efficient workflow.

Despite the versatility of the Xero platform and the hugely positive results in can create, it is highly affordable. Enquire with us today to discuss your options.

Ready to start integrating Xero with Buildlogic?

If you have any questions about Xero, or how it integrates with Buildlogic, make sure to get in touch with our friendly team today. We’d be happy to demonstrate the versatility of both platforms and how they can benefit your business.