Builders Software Suppliers

Buildlogic is proud to be one of only a few companies who specialise as builders suppliers. We create software that caters to the specific needs of all levels of the building industry. So whether you’re a developer or a plasterer, Buildlogic has software with features to help make your job easier, more efficient, and more cost effective.

An Important Builders’ Tool

In construction, when you need a specific job done, you use a specific tool. You wouldn’t use a hammer to dig a hole, or a crane to pour concrete, so why would you use generic accounting software to manage a construction project? Our software is tailored to suit the needs of builders, which means less manual work, and less room for error across all management and financial processes.

Tailored to the Building Industry

As software suppliers to builders, our programs feature a number of functions that are specific to the building industry including:

  • Construction project management: Keep you budget on track, manage your staff and maintain your scheduling without transparent system.
  • Contract administration: Effectively manage, update and review your contracts as different needs arise.
  • Online project management: Project management is made simple, with all phases recorded and compared on the one system.
  • Building estimating: Remove the human error factor in estimating with takeoffs, calculating and itemized activity lists.
  • Quotes: Subcontractors can use this software to formulate comprehensive, efficient bids and ensure they remain profitable.
  • Construction cost: Compare your budget and your actual expenditure with this simple system.
  • Subcontract management: Manage you subcontractors’ payments and invoices, and keep them accountable with itemised activity lists and contract management.
  • Online timesheets for employees and contractors: Streamline your payroll process with an online platform for staff and supervisors.
  • Reporting: Make sure everything is above board with digitized reporting and alert features.