Buildlogic Estimating Software

Buildlogic software is an overall Project Management Software tool, however it also has certain features which allows it to be used as estimating software when required allowing users to efficiently and effectively produce proposals and quotes quickly.

Templates for Estimates

Buildlogic understands how frustrating it can be to enter the same information in repeatedly, who has the time?

New proposal/quotes can be generated with all the standard information you have entered into Buildlogic – the templates are custom designed to display the information that is important to your business. Simply select the estimate template you want to use, select the ‘Copy’ function and get started!

Integration with Digital Take off software

Buildlogic can import from the following Digital take off software packages –

  • Buildsoft
  • Cubit
  • Cordells
  • Cost X

Integration with word to produce Quote documentation

Once you have built your estimate and are ready to submit your proposal/quote you can easily produce detailed documentation at the push of a button. Buildlogic integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word.

Price Lists

Price lists allow you to focus on producing your estimate quickly rather than spending your time calling suppliers for prices. Simply import your pricelist from an excel file format and use different search criteria such as ‘Supplier’ to filter your list and add the required prices to your estimate.

Rate Break Ups

The built up Rate Break Ups  function enables you to build complicated calculations that can be saved for use in future estimates in the Rate Calc Library. This avoids users having to reproduce the same calculations every time they prepare a new estimate.



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