Buildlogic Software Updates – The Blog Series

As many of you are aware each month the development team release an update to Buildlogic. These updates may include the following enhancements in three categories;

  • New functions or expansion on current functions for the software
  • New reports or changes to current reports
  • Bug fixes

Accompanying each update are release notes that outline all the changes for that version – while we encourage all our clients to read these notes, we also understand that sometimes there can be a lot of changes to get through. To aid in keeping you up to date on the key changes to the program we will be writing blog series that covers each of these categories – the titles of these blogs will be as follows:

  • New Report Options – Covering new reports or changes to key reports
  • Time is Money – Covering new functions or shortcuts that will save you time
  • Eliminate the Errors – Covering bug fixes or processes that will reduce common process errors

Each month, one of these blogs will be released covering updates from the previous three month period (For example the June blog – New Report Options will cover updates from Jan – Mar)

This series will compliment other blog posts that will cover topics such as training resources or Buildlogic processes.

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