Construction Job Types

There are two construction job types you can do in Buildlogic Project Management Software – Design & Construct and Lump Sum.

A Design & Construction Job type is the same as a Lump Sum Job except you have the ability to move budgets around from one trade to another trade which is a common accounting  practice in construction.

This is a particular good function for developers and builders who choose to use design & construction job types.

An example is – you may want to move $1000 from Trade 1 to Trade 3. The entry would a negative $1000 in Trade 1 and a positive $1000 in Trade 3.   An Adjustment MUST always total to Zero.

One way of doing an Adjustment is from within the Trade Detail screen. Highlight the line and then right click and an option in the dropdown is Move item as highlight below.


Move item only appears in this dropdown list on Jobs defined as Cost Plus, Construction Management or Design and Construct.

This will open the Adjustment screen and will pick up the line that is highlight, making it the first line in an Adjustment entry.   This first line is the negative in the Adjustment. You can add the second line with details of which Trade the money is to be moved too and this line is a positive.

This Adjustment will then show in the Adjustment’s column on the Job Trade Detail screen.