Contract Administration Software

The modern construction industry often requires a large number of complex contracts which are necessary for a fair, effective and safe construction project. Buildlogic offers contract management software for all levels of the construction industry, including subcontractors with software that can produce invoices, purchase orders and contracts. Our contract administration software is amongst the most sophisticated currently on the market, as it allows you to perform detailed contract management, that is simple to use, and integrated with a number of common accounting and administration programs.

Management with a Difference

Contract lifecycle management is particularly crucial in the construction industry, as a project develops, different people become involved, and budgets are adjusted, it’s inevitable that contracts will need to be reviewed, enforced, and corrected. Our contract management software allows builders, contractors, subcontractors, developers and estimators to optimise their contract management in a number of ways including:

  • Structuring more lucrative deals
  • Recognising revenue faster
  • Evaluating multi contract relationships
  • Capitalising on renegotiation windows
  • Ensuring operational and regulatory compliance
  • Providing greater visibility into deals
  • Reduce contract cycle time
  • Boost productivity


Our contract administration software provides a range of sophisticated features allowing everyone from the developer to the subcontractors effectively manage contracts. Indeed this is one of the few contract management systems whose software suitable for subcontractors. Software features include:

  • Authoring: Our system is fully integrated with word to ensure a familiar, and streamlines authoring process.
  • Negotiation: Digitises and streamlines the negotiation process.
  • Approval: Tailor both parallel and serial workflows.
  • Obligations management: Have increased visibility and control with fulfillment tracking, post execution workflows, analytics as well as expiration and renewal alerts.
  • Amendments: Our software provides a clear view of a contract relationship, making amendments simple.
  • Auditing and reporting: contract compliance alerts, audit tracking, report generation, contract records and integration with third party reporting tools are all available with this software.
  • Renewal: identify candidates, alert managers and create new drafts.

For more information on any of Buildlogic’s contract administration capabilities, including subcontractors software, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 284 535.