Tell us about OptiBuild Services. How did you get started and what is it about?

Having worked in the construction industry for decades, I knew firsthand that balancing time on the tools with administration is a challenge for most tradies. While it’s common sense that you need to keep up with your estimates and quotes even when you’re flat out with no time to spend in the office, staying on top of your paperwork can be easier said than done.

I created OptiBuild Services in 2013 as I saw an opportunity to help tradies get their estimates and quotes out quickly and easily by outsourcing them to a construction estimator. We make it easy to get that next job while you’re busy on the current one – no more working through the night or missing the due date because you’ve got too much on your plate.

Who are your target customers?

Anyone who’s missing out on jobs because they can’t keep up with their estimating and quoting could benefit from using a construction cost estimator. From a one-man band who’s struggling to balance time on the tools with time in the office, to a large company that needs overflow support during busy times, OptiBuild can help them to quote more jobs and win more work. Our clients have increased their turnover by as much as 400% by working with us.

What are the main challenges your business faces, and how does Buildlogic help ease those challenges?

Our clients engage us because they’re struggling to manage their administrative workload, so it’s absolutely essential that we’re fast, accurate and consistent. Buildlogic is a major part of our business – we’ve used their software for more than a decade now, and it continues to be the main estimating package we use to create professional, error-free quotes for our clients.

Thinking about partnerships, like the one you have with Buildlogic, how important are they to OptiBuild Services?

Our business is all about speed and accuracy – if you’re outsourcing your estimates and quoting, you want to know they’ll be completed quickly and without errors. Buildlogic is a powerful tool that helps us to support our clients throughout the project lifecycle. Ultimately, you want to partner with other businesses who support you and make you look good – and Buildlogic definitely does that for us.

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