Eliminate the Errors: Part Two

Human error is a real world hurdle that every business faces. Sometimes we click a button too early, or delete a file accidentally. A key selling point for Buildlogic Project Management Software is that we have a development team who pay attention to common errors encounted in or between Buildlogic and your account system and troubleshoot ways to change the technology to reduce these.

Over the past few months we have made three changes in response to common client errors:

Insurance Message on Purchase Order

If a Purchase Order has a service component, please ensure the Order has service component it ticked.   A warning message will then be displayed stating that the supplier/subbies insurance details are expired. The error message in shown in the screenshot below (please click to open).

Error Message Insurance PO

Budget Adjustments (Design & Construction Jobs)

Users have recently been able to alter the budget/contractual price prior to the first progress claim being raised to the client.  In response to the large amounts of adjustments that users make, this function has been expanded. Some clients use Buildlogic Estimating to build their changes, so we have now included the function, users need to right click to paste copied Estimate lines into the Budget Adjustment. As a results users will now save time because there will be no need to rekey data.

Timesheet Accounting Error Message

When trying to send an Online Timesheet from Buildlogic to your Accounting System, a new message will pop up if the Job the timesheet has been allocated against hasn’t been set up in your Accounting System as shown in the screenshot below (please click to open).

Buildlogic Project Management software is Australian owned, hosted, supported and developed.

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