Eliminate the Errors: Part One

Human error is a real world hurdle that every business faces. Sometimes we click a button too early, or delete a file accidentally. A key selling point for Buildlogic is that we have a development team who pay attention to common errors and troubleshoot ways to change the technology to reduce these.

Over the past few months we have made three changes in response to common client errors:

Cost Code Column in Variations

 When creating a Variation, the Cost Code column is now compulsory.  If you try to close the Variation and you haven’t entered a Cost Code and warning message is displayed requesting a Cost Code.

Subcontractor Number

 When making a progress claim against a Contract in Buildlogic, the Subcontractors number – which is the Invoice number is now a compulsory field.   If this is not filled in, the transaction CANNOT be sent to your accounting system.

Deleting Purchase Order/Bill Subcontractor Payments linked to Account System

 If you try and delete a purchase order/bill or a subbie payment that has been sent to the accounting system and is linked to your accounting system, you will be presented with message to say it cannot be deleted. You will first need to remove the link before deleting.

Buildlogic is committed to continuing to improve the software and releases updates every month that enhances processes, fixes bugs, improves reporting or makes changes that eliminates errors. If you, or anyone in your business has suggestions on how to improve the software then send your suggestions through to support@buildlogic.com.au and development will assess it’s viability.

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