We all know how busy our clients get with the fasting approach EOFY. As such we felt it necessary to send you a quick reminder with regards to changing MYOB file names.

Previously we have found clients have changed their MYOB file name without advising Buildlogic. This will cause serious issues with regards to lost links between MYOB and Buildlogic as well as duplicate contacts being created when the forecast is run on the job with the new file name.

If you need to create a new file, the best approach is to back up your previous financial year file and then lock it off – DO NOT CHANGE THE NAME! Change the name of the backup file instead.

If you happen to change the name, and Buildlogic needs to get involved to help you fix it, it could take several hours to fix and a charge may be involved.

Bottom line everyone…DO NOT CHANGE THE FILE NAME and if for some reason you need to, please let us know beforehand!

Final notes on changes at the EOFY – If you are on MYOB Version 19 and want to purge your file then please contact us first, there is a procedure to follow for this.

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