Software Updates: Key Features Jan – June 2018

In this fast-paced business environment, we are constantly searching for ways to do things faster, easier and better. Every month the BuildLogic team implements enhancements to the project management software based on requests by the users.
Sometimes you may notice these enhancements, especially if it is something you have been waiting for. Other times it may completely pass you by.

In this post, we are going to point out some key changes that all users should be across to get the most out of the software.

Latest Release

The most recent implementation was one of our biggest yet with an upgrade to the interface of the program with a new, easier to navigate look. You may notice the new buttons in the file menu as well as some updated pictures in the function buttons.

We also made huge changes to the Provisional Sums function in response to numerous requests to move it from Lump Sum & Design & Construct Jobs into their own module.

The Provisional Sum function has been removed from the Variation function and Provisional Sums now have their own function on the Jobs screen.

It is accessible from the new button –  on the job list page.

On Job creation, there is now a new dropdown on the screen as shown below highlighted in RED.

If you select Handle within variations (old method), you need to select this and there are no requirements to make any further changes.

If you select Handle separately, you will need additional reports and word templates with additional grids which break up the information

It is important to note that as there will need to be a transition period. Existing jobs with Provisional Sums will need to continue under the existing way – from within the Variations function. In this version, there is also a series of new reports and templates that will be available should you chose use the new Provisional Sum function.

A how to video on this new function will be uploaded in the next few weeks.

Some other key changes made this month include:

  • Additional fields available on progress claim templates grid
  • New grids on contracts and purchase order word templates
  • Added grid for cost plus and construction management progress claims
  • More reports for variation detail for current variation report
  • Budget vs Actuals with approved and unapproved variations
  • New messages in Estimates if rate calculation is not correct
  • New message when sending purchase orders to MYOB confirming invoice number

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