Moving from MYOB Premier to MYOB Account Right Live

Upgrading from MYOB premier to the new AccountRight platform is a decision that should be made with your book keeper or accountant’s advice. The upgrade is a one-way process, so you cannot save the new file back into the old MYOB Premier format.

In addition to checking with your book keeper or accountant, you must also schedule a time with Buildlogic support staff to do the upgrade. As the upgrade process involves a migration of data from one MYOB data file into the new MYOB data file format, we need to re-link all transactions between the 2 files.
Once you are up and running in the new MYOB, there are a few things you need to be aware of in Buildlogic.

  1. The MYOB configuration screen no longer requires the location of a MYOB exe.
  2. We have the option of Sync’ing with a cloud file or a local file. Tick the Use cloud check box if you are running your MYOB data file in the cloud.
  3. Last Sync with MYOB date – this date is the date we check back to for purchase and timesheet information.
  4. MYOB user name and password work exactly the same as the old version. Note, when connecting to the cloud, on first connection, you will need to enter your cloud email user name and password to gain access to the MYOB servers.
  5. The new version allows us to separate MYOB users into 2 groups, those who can send to MYOB immediately, and those that can send to MYOB via the Sync. If you want to send data immediately, you need to make sure you have MYOB 2015.1 (or greater) installed on the machine you are running on and you have ticked the Send data immediately check box in the MYOB configuration screen. save data
  6. Reading data from MYOB can now be done
  7. We now read data from MYOB via the Jobs menu, Sync with accounting system function. This function can be either run manually or setup to run via a command line via a Windows scheduled task. This function should be run at least once a day to drop any new MYOB information down into the Buildlogic database. All forecasting functions will then work exactly like they did in the old version.Text