Multiple Quote Options

It is not uncommon in the construction industry for clients to request multiple quote options to be provided.

In recent updates Buildlogic has now added this function which allows users to add multiple options to Estimates, and then output into a separate section in the word template.

If this is a function that your clients require are several steps you need to follow to set it up:

Setup Step 1 – Ensure the tick box on the File/Global Settings/Display tab called Show options column in estimate details.

Setup Step 2 – Under Maintenance/Lookups add a new Lookup called Options and then add the look up values you required.  Two have been added in the following screenshot.

When creating the Estimate, in the Options column, if an item(s) are optional then tag them in this new column as shown below.

On download of this version a new template has been added to the BuildlogicSQL/Template folder called Quote_Options.  You can edit this template to reflect your company information.

Note:  This template has been created in the Buildlogic new Advanced Mail Merge format.

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