Note function and Advanced Mail Merge

The latest updates to Buildlogic Project Management Software have bought with it two useful functions regarding documents. This relates to enhancements in notes and advanced mail merge.

Over the last few years we have seen users begin to utilise the notes function more than we originally designed for. During this time we have made changes that allow you to put reference codes against notes, allowing note lists to be used as registers.

Our latest change brings something more, by allowing you to drag and drop multiple files or emails into one note. Files can be added to these notes by dragging and dropping them into the Documents box, or by dragging and dropping directly onto any Notes grid.

To make life easier, when the “Create email” button is clicked all attachments will now be added to the email.

We have created a short video to show you how this all works.

For FormLogic users who are using the Variation form, you will now only have 1 note attached to the head contract variation with 2 attachments (1 pdf and 1 doc file) when you create the variation from the FormLogic download page.

The advanced mail merge is also something that we are very excited about, with testing on several Beta sites reporting a 10+ fold speed increase in template generation. This is a massive change from previous experiences where some clients were waiting a significant amount of time for mail merge templates to be generated.
Only larger templates will benefit from the upgrade so we urge you to take the time to review your forms and if there is one that you identify that would benefit from this increase in speed, we can make the required changes for $70 plus gst per template.
This fee covers the development of the existing form using the new Advanced Mail Merge.

Below is a sample of the new field names that apply to the templates.

If you have identified a template that you would like to have upgraded, please send an email to with the template out of the BuildlogicSQL\Template attached and we will review and advise if possible.

To view a short movie on the new notes function, please click here, for the Advance merge, please click here.

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