Online Applications for Buildlogic Project Management Software

There are three online applications that can be added on to Buildlogic Project Management Software. These can assist in both the accounting and job management for the projects.

Timesheet – Web Application – via a web enabled device (mobile phone, ipad, etc)

Employees and Contractors can put their timesheets in through the Buildlogic timesheet application.

They can:

  • Enter their time for each day.
  • Submit timesheets to Site supervisors to confirm.
  • Office administrators can download approved timesheets for review into Buildlogic.
  • Timesheet costs can be directly coded against Buildlogic jobs.
  • MYOB timesheets for all employees can be created.
  • Purchase orders can be created against the contractor’s timesheets per job.
  • Excel spreadsheet can be provided to 3rd Party Payroll Company if required.

Purchase Orders – Web Application (not available on mobile phone)

Site staff can create simple on line purchases orders and they can then:

  • Email the POs to suppliers.
  • Office administrators can download the POs to be allocated against individual jobs in Buildlogic.
  • POs can be then be checked against invoices when they arrive in the office.

Notes Function – Web Application

It allows site staff to keep simple notes that can be downloaded against Jobs in Buildlogic.