Plasterers Estimating Software

Save money, reduce time and win your bids with Buildlogic. Plasterers and other subcontractors can take advantage of our sophisticated estimating software, which allows accurate estimations, eliminates manual errors with digitized takeoffs, price lists and rate breakups.

Profit: Bid on the projects that will make you money by producing comprehensive quotes with software that eliminates human error.

Increase Efficiency: Estimate your jobs faster and with more accuracy.

Provide Comprehensive Quotes: Create a professional looking, comprehensive quote that takes into account material and parts quotations.


Plasterers can benefit from a range of estimating software features which streamline and simplify the bid process. These include:

  • Digitised takeoffs
  • Cost databases: Provides you with accurate cost data so you set the right price
  • Worksheets Spreadsheets for calculating cost and time
  • Activity list: A digital list providing an itemised overview of various items and activities needed to complete the project.
  • Resource and material costs: Detailing of resource costs including labour, materials, equipment and transport requirements.
  • Calculations: Plasterers can calculate length, area and volume for each job.
  • Markups: Choose from a flat markup or resource specific markup.
  • Overhead: Allows you to bill for overhead costs.
  • Closeout window: Adjust bid prices whilst maintaining profit.
  • Reporting: Produce proposals, cost breakdown and detail reports in written or graph form.
  • Exporting: MYOB integration allows for exporting to contractors.
  • Job history: Keep a detailed record of all your bid’s for future reference.

For more information on our estimating software which can be used by companies at all levels of the construction industry including subcontractors, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 284 535. We offer all companies an inclusive consultation service, so plasterers can be confident at using Buildlogic’s software to create bids as well as keep track of workloads, budget, scheduling and payroll.