Streamline Site Management with Formlogic!

If site management is messy through the use of paper forms we have the solution for you!

Buildlogic Project Management Software has developed a new app that assists in construction management called Text.

Formlogic allows site information to be stored electronically against jobs which can then be easily accessed if required or directly emailed from Buildlogic.  Some examples include pre-start check lists, site diary, record workers on site, took box talk meetings and workplace inspection checklists.  Photos can be added, employees can be picked up from your employee list in Buildlogic and job information can be automatically populated on forms to make data entry quicker. Once this information is collated, the user can also automatically merge it into professional templates which can then be saved against your jobs in Buildlogic or sent out to your clients..

The app has been develop to run on iPhones, iPads, Samsung galaxy and other Android devices.

Click here to view a brief demo of Text in action.

If you are interested in this service, please contact us at


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