Time is Money: Part One

When time is money, who doesn’t want to save a bit of both?

There have been a few enhancements to Buildlogic Project Management Software over the last several months that have been implemented to make your life a little easier. Some of these changes you may have already picked up on, but some could be little tricks that have passed you by.

Below is a selection of these key enhancements;

Price List Selection

You can now select multiple items to put into the estimate detail screen.

Export Head Contract to Excel

As with other screens in Buildlogic, you can now right click on the Head Contract Progress Claims list screen  and export the grid to Excel.

EOT for Subbies

The calculations in this screen will now take into consideration any non-working days set up in the system.

Documents on the Estimate/Notes Tab

On the Estimate/Update/Notes Tab, you can now drag documents onto this Tab that you want emailed with a quote/proposal.

Copying Rate Calc

You can now copy a Rate Calc by highlighting the Rate Calc and then right clicking and selecting the Copy rate calc option as shown below.

Change Colour for Multiple Lines

In the software currently, you can right click your mouse and select a colour for one line at a time.   There is now a button at the bottom of the Estimate detail screen which allows you to change multiple lines.

Highlight the lines you want to colour and then select the new button – Set BG Colour and you can then select to colour all the lines at one time as shown below.

View Active Users

The active users option has been added under the file menu. This option will allow you to identify what users are logged into Buildlogic and if required to log them off.

Adding Header Lines to Purchase Orders

You can now add lines to a Purchase Order.

Right click your mouse and you have an option to make these a Header Line 1 or 2.

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