Time Is Money: Part Two

Part two of this time is money series will cover key enhancements from April – July 2018.

Additional Column Job List Screen – Show/Hide Columns – Total Paid

A total paid column has been added to the Job List screen.   To activate this column, you need to go to the Show/Hide Columns function.   Right click your mouse and select the column(s) you want to show on your main Job List screen.

New Set in Outlook date for Project Completion Date

If you are using the integration with Outlook, there is a new option to set the Project Completion date in outlook from the Jobs/Update/Job dates tab.

Selecting Multiple Items from Price List against Split lines in Jobs

Earlier this year we released the option for Estimates that allowed you to select multiple items from a Price List at the one time.   This has been expanded to allow you to select multiple items from a Price List when you split lines in Jobs.   The 2 purple lines below, were selected from the Price List and added to the Job at the one time.

 Jobs – Additional Job Dates

We have had lots of users ask for the ability to store additional job dates against jobs.

You can now do this by adding job date types via the Maintenance/Lookup page – as shown in the screenshot below.

Default Retention Settings – Contracts

Highlighted below in RED are two new fields have been added to File/Global Settings/Other Tab.   These fields allow you to set defaults for Retentions for Contracts.

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