User Restrictions

Often we are asked by clients is there is any way to limit some of the functions per user in Buildlogic. Good news for you is that there is!

There are two types of users in Buildlogic:
General User and Admin User

Admin users are those that control the level of access for general users in Buildlogic – it is recommended that there is one admin user set up per site.

Buildlogic will configure the admin user during setup and the general users are configured and managed directly by the admin user.

There are a range of functions that can be limited in Buildlogic with a few key ones listed below:

  • Approve head contract variations ( also set a $ figure, only approve up to that dollar)
  • Approve adjustments
  • Deleting contracts
  • Hide functions (variation buttons/PC buttons/contract buttons)
  • Restrict access to creating jobs
  • Job security restrictions*


To set up general users go to:
Maintenance Menu –> Users
Here you will click on the user you want to configure and select update

There is now a list of all functions that can be managed in Buildlogic, these will all be unticked as a default so you will need to tick which functions you WANT your users to access

*Job security restrictions is an additional setting that is used to choose who can access a specific job. In using this setting you assign which users you want to see which jobs. This would be used when you have multiple projects going and you only want the project managers to see their own job.

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