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With real-time updates and seamless integration with accounting systems,
Buildlogic’s web and app-based construction software puts you in total control.


project management software

Buildlogic Construction Software offers software that makes your life easier, streamlines and simplifies your daily operations. We provide the complete project management solution for your building company.
We understand the critical importance of getting your workflow right, from providing various solutions for Estimating from creating them within Buildlogic to importing from digital take-off tools right through the management of the job to the two-way integration with Xero, MYOB and MYOB Advanced.

Our software allows you flexibility when purchasing modules. Not everyone in your team needs the same access or functions. We will help you create a customised package for you and your teams.

Reliable information and reports that would normally take hours or days to produce manually are now accessed through our forecasting and reporting functions.

Buildlogic will ultimately improve your client satisfaction by providing them with the information they require while saving you time and money.

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We make it easy for you to understand your project’s progress and timelines. Know exactly what stage your projects are at, providing you with the timely information to make informed management decisions, mitigating risk to your business.


Buildlogic helps you manage your business the same as a Builder. Buildlogic provides detailed documentation on variations, extension of time and progress claims to your client. With this information at your fingertips you know exactly were you are at any time.



Do you use digital take-off software? Buildlogic imports direct from Cubit and Dindo as well as importing from other digital software packages and excel spreadsheets.

You can build simple Estimates within Buildlogic and use the power of Advanced Mail merge to create quotes/proposals.



Keeping track of consultants and contractor payments is time consuming. Buildlogic manages your payments to consultants and subcontractors while providing detailed breakdowns of your budget versus actual expenditure.