From our custom in-house training to our specialised consulting, just know that we’ve got your back every step of the way. We use a combination of online training and employ a team of specialised trainers that will work directly with you.

We start by understanding your business. Our experienced trainers will organise sessions to help integrate Buildlogic with your business and link to your accounting system. We also set-up Word templates and configure all the back-end functions with your nominated Buildlogic Client Administrator to ensure a seamless transition.

Once we understand the modules each user requires, online self-paced training modules will be allocated to each user to complete in their own time.  At the completion of their training, the Buildlogic trainer will call to answer any questions and clarify any process issues.

Following the initial implementation, a Buildlogic Trainer will attend your site to ensure that Buildlogic aligns with your business processes.

Experienced Trainers

At Buildlogic, our experienced training team plays a vital role in a successful implementation. Led by our Training Manager with nearly 20 years of experience, our trainers are qualified experts with backgrounds in construction and accounting. They possess in-depth knowledge of Buildlogic software and its potential to improve your processes.

Our trainers collaborate closely with you to provide personalized guidance and tailored instruction for your staff. Their industry-specific expertise ensures comprehensive training that meets your unique requirements.

We believe that experienced trainers who understand both the software intricacies and real-world applications are essential for a successful implementation. Our trainers are dedicated to empowering your organization, enabling you to optimize operations and achieve your objectives with Buildlogic.

Count on our competent trainers at Buildlogic to deliver exceptional support and guidance throughout your training journey, ensuring a seamless transition and a strong foundation for your software implementation.


Online training

To cater to the dynamic needs of the construction industry, we have introduced self-paced online training modules. These modules provide a seamless and efficient learning experience. Our comprehensive training resources empower users to acquire the necessary skills quickly.

Each function in the Buildlogic suite is accompanied by dedicated training videos and notes. This modular approach allows users to progress at their own pace and focus on relevant modules for their roles.

We prioritise efficiency and convenience by offering easily accessible and digestible training content. This approach enables users to rapidly familiarise themselves with our software, maximising their learning potential and proficiency in utilising Buildlogic to its fullest extent.