Buildlogic Support

Buildlogic is an Australian owned and operated business. We have offices in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth meaning we are available to help when you need it.

We offer three levels of support to all our clients through our support team. From technical questions to user help there is always someone available.

With the additional introduction of a knowledge base and chat line, your questions can be answered quick and efficiently to allow you to move forward quickly. 

Online Chat

When we built our web version, we introduced a chat line to help you find answers to questions and problems quickly.

The Buildlogic chat is manned by a real person who may be able to answer your question or problem immediately and if not, will escalate it to the support team immediately.

This proactive approach ensures your concerns receive the attention they deserve, helping you overcome any challenges you encounter.

Phone Support

Finally, sometimes it is easier to just pick up the phone. Our specialised team can organise a time to contact you and talk through any problems you are facing.

Knowledge Base

For complex support issues, use visual communication by sending a screenshot to our dedicated support email. This allows us to assign it to the most suitable professional, ensuring a prompt and tailored response. 

By leveraging this streamlined process, we aim to provide efficient and effective internet support, recognising that a picture is worth a thousand words.