The Modules

Core (only compulsory module)

All web users of the software will have a Core license allowing them access to jobs, contact lists and the dashboard. This module provides a user access to various functions within the application. For example, some users cannot edit job data, but other can. Access to other functions such as the Document Register allows users to auto attach documents purchases and contracts and send updated drawings to specific distribution lists.


Our main page is our Dashboard. It has been designed to be very flexible and is constantly being expanded to house new widgets. Dashboards can be customised per user and only shows widgets a user is licensed to view.


From the Dashboard, users can easily access their jobs/estimates. Once a user is in a job/estimate, they can easily navigate between all the functions that Buildlogic has to offer.


The estimating function allows fast creation of quotes/proposals. Buildlogic Estimating imports from the following products;


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Also known as budget adjustments which allows users to adjust the contract value and budget values, up until the first head contract progress claim is raised.

Adjustments are specifically designed to make minor changes to the overall contract or budget once the job has commenced, but before any claims have been raised.

Budget Adjustments are only available in design and construct, cost plus and construction management job types.


Also known as (trade) transfers that allow users to adjust budget allocations without client-side variations.

Transfers do not change the overall contract or budget, but allow users to move monies between trades. They are only available in design and construct, cost plus and construction management job types.


Cashflow breakdowns can be entered by trade and reference code and compared against budgeted income. Reporting can be done for one job or selected jobs allowing users to get a good understanding of their job cashflow position.

Contracts & Contract Variations

Contacts with subcontractors/consultants can be raised, from the budget, or free hand. The management of the contract claims – with custom approval processes, contract variations and contract extensions of time are all managed within this module

Creating a contract from budget

Creating a contract claim

Contractors loading claims

Do you have subcontractors or consultants who provide you with a quote, and then do multiple claims? Contracts for the total commitment can be raised from the budget, or free hand. 

The management of the contract claims – with custom approval processes, contract variations and contract extensions of time are all managed within this module.

Your subcontractors can also have access to the Buildlogic Subbie Portal to input their claims directly including any updated copies of insurance certificates and expiry dates.

Day Sheets

Allows for scheduling of workers onto job sites and integrates seamlessly with site diaries, pre-starts and toolbox talks. Users can send SMS or push notifications to the Buildlogic mobile app with messages explaining where workers need to be the next day. It is a very useful tool for large labour work forces who work in teams on multiple job sites. If a user also has access to the Mobile Apps – site diaries, this form can pre-populated with weather forecasts and the expected workers who are to be arriving onsite that day.

Extension of Time

EOTs allow users to build extension of time requests and email documents to clients. Once approved, job completion dates are automatically calculated based on non-working days (public holidays/RDOs). On creating the EOT, users can also access weather data for that job site by the click of a button so that wet weather days can be backed up by weather forecast data.

Gantt Charting

Build simple or complex work flows for one or multiple jobs so you can check resource allocations. Each job’s work flow can be used as a template for future jobs saving a lot of data entry work.

Progress claim LIst

progress claim edit

progress claim cost plus

Head Contract Progress Claims

Claims for Lump sum, Design and Construct, Construction Management or Cost Plus jobs are handled in Buildlogic. Each word template type has a range of custom table options allowing users to show minimal or very detailed information on their progress claims.

Retentions are hard to manage but Buildlogic will auto calculate within this module based on the percentages set up against each job. Once the payment is receipted in the accounting system Buildlogic will be updated, allowing the users to have up to date information without having to have direct access to the accounting system.

Purchase Orders

Can be raised directly from the budget, removing a lot of data entry, imported from an accounting system, or free typed in. Purchase transactions can be pushed or pulled from accounting system. The payment information will be automatically imported from the accounting system by one of the programs back-end processes. This allows users to have up to date information without having to have direct access to the accounting system.

Adding attachments to purchase orders

Creating purchase orders from budget

Provisional Sums

For lump sum and design and construct job types users can easily report on how provisional sum monies are being committed into a contract. Provisional sums may or may not be used on a contract, so the reporting to a client needs to be very clear where these monies are being used and claimed. We have a range of reports and templates that simply this reporting process.

Head Contract Variations

Allows users to adjust contract values as per client instructions. Variations can be managed via custom approval processes. There is an extensive library of templates available for variation documents allowing clear communications with clients. Variation templates are fully customisable by end users.

Forecasting & Management Reporting

This module is made up of two components, forecasting and a comprehensive reporting module.

Forecast data is updated each time a transaction is entered into Buildlogic allowing users to confidentially view real time budget v’s actual data with the added advantage of forecasting upcoming costs or budget overspends.

Forecast data can be entered at various levels including trade or at lower elemental levels.

Details of transactions and budgets that make up forecasting summaries can be displayed from this screen by drilling down on the forecast data.

The reporting option in this module allows for detailed reporting across all functions within the software from Estimating to Budget vs Actual reporting in a job.

Many times, management just want to view reports so there is a user license for this module allows management to run and view their own reports.


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Mobile Apps (IOS or Android)


Users can enter timesheets per day, per job/cost and reference code and submit them for review by site supervisor/foreman using the Timesheet Approval module and then by office admin staff before being pushed into an accounting system.

time sheet entry

time sheet REVIEW


Site diaries

Customisable site diaries can be entered from site and merged seamlessly into pdf and word documents reports stored on the website against jobs.

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action items list

action items Edit

Action Items

A quick and easy way for users onsite to communicate with the office.

Delivery App

Allows users onsite to take delivery of orders that were raised by office staff which gives the office staff real-time data on all deliveries being made to site allowing the processing of invoices to be simplified. Photos of delivery dockets can be taken from site and uploaded immediately into the website.

Purchase orders

Site staff can raise purchase orders quickly on site for jobs or even if they need to give a supplier an order number.

This are added to the job in real time.

Pre-start and Toolbox Talk

Pre-start and Toolbox talk forms can be entered from site and merged    seamlessly into pdf reports stored on the website.


This module allows you to send a request for information and then to nominate the answer as the most appropriate.


Cashflow breakdowns can be entered in Buildlogic. Cashflow reporting can be done over one job or many jobs allowing users to have a good understanding of their job cash flow position.

All documents generated by Buildlogic are automatically saved inside the application in AWS. This is the default storage option. Clients may choose to use their own document management system such as Dropbox for Business, Sharepoint or Onedrive.

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