Users can enter timesheets per day, per job/cost and reference code and submit them for review by site supervisor/foreman using the Timesheet Approval module and then by office admin staff before being pushed into an accounting system.

time sheet entry

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Site diaries

Customisable site diaries can be entered from site and merged seamlessly into pdf and word documents reports stored on the website against jobs.

action items list

action items Edit

Action Items

A quick and easy way for users onsite to communicate with the office.

Delivery App

Allows users onsite to take delivery of orders that were raised by office staff which gives the office staff real-time data on all deliveries being made to site allowing the processing of invoices to be simplified. Photos of delivery dockets can be taken from site and uploaded immediately into the website.

Pre-start and Toolbox Talk

Pre-start and Toolbox talk forms can be entered from site and merged    seamlessly into pdf reports stored on the website.

All documents generated by Buildlogic are automatically saved inside the application in AWS. This is the default storage option. Clients may choose to use their own document management system such as Dropbox for Business, Sharepoint or Onedrive.

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