Core (only compulsory module)

All web users of the software will have a Core license allowing them access to jobs, contact lists and the dashboard. This module provides a user access to various functions within the application. For example, some users cannot edit job data, but other can. Access to other functions such as the Document Register allows users to auto attach documents purchases and contracts and send updated drawings to specific distribution lists.


Our main page is our Dashboard. It has been designed to be very flexible and is constantly being expanded to house new widgets. Dashboards can be customised per user and only shows widgets a user is licensed to view.


From the Dashboard, users can easily access their jobs/estimates. Once a user is in a job/estimate, they can easily navigate between all the functions that Buildlogic has to offer.

Day Sheets

Allows for scheduling of workers onto job sites and integrates seamlessly with site diaries, pre-starts and toolbox talks. Users can send SMS or push notifications to the Buildlogic mobile app with messages explaining where workers need to be the next day. It is a very useful tool for large labour work forces who work in teams on multiple job sites. If a user also has access to the Mobile Apps – site diaries, this form can pre-populated with weather forecasts and the expected workers who are to be arriving onsite that day.

mix and match modules to suit your business


Head Contract Progress Claims

Contracts & Contract Variations

Head Contract Variations

Purchase Orders

Provisional Sums

Forcasting and Reporting

Adjustments and Transfers

Extensions of Time

Mobile Functions

Request for Information




Gantt Charts


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